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 When people find out I work with individuals with intellectual disabilities they always say I must be a special person to do this kind of work. What they don't realize is it's the work that's special not me. Every day is different, interesting and fulfilling. I have learned so much—not just things that will help me with my career, but things that will help me in my life. I started working for KVOU in the Minimal Supports Program, which assists folks living in the community with whatever they need. That means sometimes acting as an advocate at appointments, or taking people places they can't get to like the cemetery to visit their family member's grave, or helping with grocery shopping or cleaning. Anything so they can continue to live as independently as possible in the community. Now I'm the Program Director for that program and two of our residential houses. Although I do spend more time in the office now, I still keep connected and enjoy visits with the individuals whenever their schedule permits. --Caroline



I work at a site with four ladies.  All of them love going into the community and trying new things.  Watching these women grow and learn is a wonderful experience. Their cheery dispositions make work fun and enjoyable.





I am a Residential Supervisor at KVOU.  I have worked for KVOU for 19 years.  I started as a Program Worker and after 5 years then became a supervisor.  I have enjoyed working here for various reasons.  I have gotten to see many of our individuals grow and become more independent.  I enjoy being able to see the progress.  It makes me feel like what I am doing has a purpose.  Each individual has a very unique personality.  It has been very interesting to get to know them and learn about their special needs and abilities.  I have learned a lot about life from working here.  I enjoy teaching the individuals new skills and making them laugh.  If I can make a person smile or laugh it makes my day.  KVOU is a fairly small agency.  I think this makes it easier for the individuals to get the attention and care they need.  People comment that I am a "special person" to work here.  I think it was just my destiny.  I can't imagine working anywhere else.~Diane

While returning to college, I needed a position with a flexible schedule. Someone referred me to KVOU. I started at KVOU in 2001 working direct care, which was a new experience. Starting at KVOU was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Everyday is different and some days are more challenging than others. But each and everyday is rewarding. Each individual is unique and I truly enjoyed spending time with each person that I worked with. In 2003, after finishing my degree I was fortunate to stay at KVOU, although in a different capacity. I became the Administrative Officer. Although my job duties differ, I truly feel at home here at KVOU. I still enjoy seeing the individuals in the office or at their homes or out in the community. Seeing our staff interact with the individuals demonstrates what caring and compassionate staff we have. They truly have the best interest of the individuals at heart.--Heather





Working for KVOU is a great opportunity to help give the individuals a sense of independence.  I enjoy helping them with their daily activities and getting them involved in community events.  The individual's are amazing, watching them grow and adapt to new things is very rewarding.  To see them happy and enjoying life makes this job even more rewarding. ~Kelly